The Perfect Boots for Your Legs

Nov 29, 10 The Perfect Boots for Your Legs

Now that summer is nothing but a memory, chancletas and ballerina flats have been banished to the back of the closet while boots dominate the forefront. From knee-length to ankle booties, and maybe even thigh-highs for the more adventurous, it’s all about the botas this season. Before you go crazy and blow all your paycheck on Zappos, first make sure that you are shopping for the correct type of boots for your legs.For instance, if you have thick calves it is recommended that you purchase boots made from stretchy leather or fabric for extra give; and avoid pull-on boots or ones that have wraparound straps (they accentuate the fullness). Chicas with short legs should avoid ankle boots because they make legs look shorter and fatter (can you imagine your Tia Rosa’s cankles in booties? Too funny). Stiletto boots, on the other hand, lengthen the leg which many of us Latinas can definitely use. We may be known for our curves, but certainly not our height. Tight fitting and dark colored work best. If your problem is lack of curves in the calf area, a.k.a chicken legs, boots with accents like buckles, ruffles and laces can mold themselves to the calf making them look fuller. Bold colors like plum or gray also help. If you’ve found the perfect pair but they just don’t fit, there are tons of alterations your neighborhood zapatero can do for you, like taking in the shaft or widening the toe box. If there isn’t one readily available, NuShoe has a great mail-in service. Better wrap those tootsies up in the perfect fit because winter is just getting started, muchachas.


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