The Papi Chulo » Edwin Mejia

Nov 11, 11 The Papi Chulo » Edwin Mejia

Born and raised in Flushing, NY, Edwin is a Dominican-American film producer and co-founder of The Vladar Company, a media and entertainment company that produces film and television content. Edwin is a mean dancer who won the top prize for his moves at a dance competition in High School. A big change of scenery from the Catholic school he attended in Kindergarten and Elementary School. Although he currently resides in New York City, a bi-coastal lifestyle has opened many doors in Edwin’s career so he spends a lot of time traveling. He also has to spend every January outside of NY traveling the Caribbean, South America and California (we feel sooo bad for him). Despite his busy lifestyle he doesn’t rule out marriage and having kids with a beautiful Latina one day, so you better be ready to keep up with him.


  1. Zari /

    Papi Chulo!?? I must agree.. Indeed you are!!
    Good luck on all your success… I am positive you will continue to accomplish everything you set yourself up for!
    BTW, can I be that beautiful Latina?

  2. ashley /

    THIS guy… wow, last person i’d expect to see a review like this about… don’t you have to have a career to be going places in it? havent seen anything you’ve done….probably wouldnt.

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