The Most Romantic Spots In Latin America

Jan 26, 11 The Most Romantic Spots In Latin America

With Valentine’s Day sneaking up on us fast, you’re thinking “screw the same old romantic dinner as every year, it’s time for a getaway!”. However, you would like something a little more exotic and exciting than a hotel room one hour outside the city. No need to look any further than our neighbors to the south; Latin America offers some of the most beautiful and unspoiled locales to get your romance on:

  • Los Roques: this archipelago is a Venezuelan dependency, located 80 miles north off its coast on the Caribbean. An almost-untouched coral reef, it features boutique-style posadas and a variety of aquatic sports and ecological sites. A good place to honeymoon or find yourself a catch if you’re single, as it attracts lots of European tourists, many of whom come in their own yachts. Score!
  • Mayan Riviera: a tourism district located along Mexico’s Caribbean coast, this place offers some of the most luxurious getaway spots in all of Latin America. There are excellent spas, dining, resorts and archaeological ruins and eco-parks. Just stay away from tacky Cancun, unless you want to wind up on Girls Gone Wild.
  • Providencia: this tiny island is smack in the middle of the Caribbean but is owned by Colombia. Its pristine beaches are reminiscent of decades ago when the Caribbean was still unsullied by massive tourism. Its barrier reef is a great attraction for scuba divers; and rumor has it that there is hidden treasure all over the island left there by infamous pirate Henry Morgan who once used Providencia as his base from which to raid the Spanish empire. Hey, you may come back with a tan and a fortune in gold!
  • Fernando de Noronha: located off the northeastern coast of Brazil, this archipelago boasts the country’s most beautiful and undeveloped beaches, as well as an immense diversity of flora and fauna. Such is the natural beauty of Fernando de Noronha, that is has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and tourists are charged a small environmental preservation fee in an effort to maintain the islands’ wildlife intact.

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