The More The Merrier

Apr 27, 11 The More The Merrier

In big Latin families we always have tons of things to share with each other. Whether it’s tidbits of daily life or earth-shattering news we’re always on the phone with some family member or other wishing them a Happy Birthday, inquiring about their health, hearing about a sobrino taking his first steps, or just indulging in some juicy chisme. If you have big news that everyone must be informed of, calling up every person in your family to tell them the same thing can be exhausting, not to mention expensive.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could get it done in one fell swoop instead of having to repeat the same story dozens of times? You can, with GroupMe an app that works with any phone with text-messaging capabilities (finally something for non-iPhone users!). You can sort your contacts into groups like, say, ‘Family’ and with the touch of a button you can conference-call, text, IM or send pictures to the entire group. How convenient is that? Spreading the word just got a whole lot faster.

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