The Miracle Screw

Nov 30, 10 The Miracle Screw

Screwdriver, that is. What did you think it was, you dirty girl? It’s the one tool every girl must have.Whether you’re putting together your new bookcase or letting your sobrino use it as he pretends to be Handy Manny, the Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver designed by Tomboy Tools exclusively for The Container Store is the perfect all-in-one tool for the chica who doesn’t need more stuff piling up. You already have a closet full of shoes, you don’t need one full of different types of screwdrivers as well. This one contains 10 drill bits of different sizes and shapes and they’re all conveniently stored in the handle. It has forward and reverse ratchet motion so you don’t have to twist your arm off trying to screw in a picture hanger; this baby does all the work for you. Unless you can get your smoking-hot Bruno Campos look-alike neighbor to come over and help you out, then it’s double the pleasure. Who knew tools could be this much fun.

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