The Lies About Cancer: Cut, Poison, Burn

Apr 10, 12 The Lies About Cancer: Cut, Poison, Burn

You wouldn’t let somebody else decide on what type of milk you’ll use in your daily cafe con leche. Conchale, if you want to use 1% horse milk, its nobody’s business but yours, chica. So why would you let somebody decide how you’ll treat your own illness? Per the main characters of the documentary Cut, Poison, Burn that’s exactly what the FDA does if you or your loved ones get cancer.

This movie was tough to watch. Some of the patients died. The filmmakers follow a  4-year old boy, his parents and a few others on their fight against the government to allow them to choose their own treatments and alternative cures.  They uncover the lies that the FDA tells that prevent us from getting better by interviewing multiple doctors, experts and people with cancer. It shows us the truth on the issues of medical freedom, conventional versus integrative or holistic treatment, the monopoly and the FDA’s stronghold on new medicine approval and the billions they make by keeping us sick.

Heck. Even the American Cancer Society is in on it. Aren’t they supposed to be helping us find a cure for cancer? The pink ribbon campaign? Una farsa! It has already been proven that chemo and radiation therapy are toxic and kill both good and bad cells. To boot, they make patients deathly sick and bloated. But don’t take my word for it. See Cut, Poison, Burn for yourself, tell your friends and make a difference. Enough is enough. No  más mentiras!


  1. Donna Navarro /

    Una farsa! si lo es! Gracias por su apoyo y para la difusion de la verdad!

  2. Cheers pal. I do appatciree the writing.

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