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Dec 28, 10 The Latino » Max Ramirez

Max Ramirez, a proud Mexican, is owner of which produces swanky parties for the elite. Max has lived in Arizona, Florida, California, and has been living it up in New York City for the past six years. Max is the oldest of his four siblings and his parents, who are still married, are very much Catholic. Unlike his parents Max is still single with no children, but romanticizes about living the family life he grew up in. In the meantime, while he awaits the Latina beauty that will have him settle down, Max is staying true to living the bachelor life and doesn’t discriminate the female race. Having dated women ranging from 24 – 39 years old, he has earned a PhD in understanding women’s locura. Living a no-baggage lifestyle, Max has been able to pursue meaningful spiritual endeavors, work out twice a day, and sit back embracing the single guapo that he is.


  1. Yumilka Ortiz /

    Is this an opportunity to win a date with one of the guys?I’m a little puzzled….

    • LaCosmo /

      You know. That’s a great idea, Yumilka. Would you be interested?

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