The Last Taboo

Jun 01, 11 The Last Taboo

There are lots of things we Latinas attempt to keep a secret: our age (not too hard to do, given our wonderful genetic gifts), our dress size, the family recipe for tres leches. But probably the most unmentionable thing among Latinas is anything having to do with, uh, our business back there. You know. Pooping. Especially if the issue at hand involves a lack of proper bodily functions. Namely, constipation. A survey commissioned by the makers of Dulcolax shows that Hispanic women are mortified of discussing this problem, even with their doctors, and would rather suffer in silence than be seen buying laxatives. Come on, chicas! Sure it may be a little awkward, but it’s your health that’s at stake here. And unfortunately women are at higher risk of constipation than men, so you better grow some cojones and be prepared to deal with this. Or, you could just nip the whole thing in the bud by eating lots of high-fiber foods like prunes, whole grains, apples, raspberries, beans and nuts. Be sure to also drink lots of water and avoid consuming too much dairy and high-fat foods. If all else fails and you are forced to buy laxatives, just grin and bear it. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. At least it’s not Beano.

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