The Joy Of Giving

Jul 03, 11 The Joy Of Giving

Dar es mejor que recibir, is what our parents told us to encourage us to be charitable. And while giving is pretty great, we’re not going to lie and say that receiving isn’t awesome too. Especially if what you’re receiving is a delicious and ridiculously low-priced drink! Remember those Facebook apps where you and your friends would send and receive virtual drinks instead of, ahem, working? They were kind of fun, but all you had to show for it was a picture of a drink and nothing to actually quench your thirst with. Well, Bartab is the real-life version of this app (except of course, you can’t use it during work). What it allows you to do is to send any of your Facebook friends a drink that they can redeem at any of the 600 affiliated bars nation-wide. It costs you $1 to send, and it costs them $1 to pick up. Any drink. For one dollar. Before you get too excited, keep in mind you can only claim one drink per hour and at one bar per day. I mean, they still have to turn a profit, right? Although you could go bar-hopping and get drinks at a bunch of different bars if you’re that committed to getting a muy barato buzz. It’s a fun app, so enjoy it but do it responsibly chicas!

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