The International » Murray Newlands

Dec 28, 10 The International » Murray Newlands

Born to be a busy-ness man Murray Newlands has been here and done that. A former lawyer but now a marketing executive, an author, frequent speaker on blogging, and a social media influence this dashing Englishman has explored the globe through its many cultures and pleasures. In fact, not too long ago, he affirmed he lived out of a suitcase. An internationally successful businessman with his alluring accent and platinum blond good looks, Murray consistently charms the socks, and sometimes panties, off women around the world. You can find him windsurfing, sailing, riding his Ducati motorcycle or glob trotting. Very much available and very much the jet setting bachelor, Murray is always running at 100 RPM, so don your best Adidas and catch him if you can. Hint: He likes petites.

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