The Hazards of Hands-Free Headsets

Oct 25, 10 The Hazards of Hands-Free Headsets

The Hazards of Hands-Free Headsets - Who knew?

No girl likes to walk around looking like RoboCop, but such are the hazards one must endure for the sake of safety and convenience. Cell phone headsets are mandatory if you must talk while driving (although we really wish you wouldn’t) and they free up your hands so you can catch up on the latest chismes with your BFF while filling empanadas for dinner or giving yourself a pedi. But new studies are reporting that those hand-free kits may be more harmful than helpful. Originally believed to help reduce the amount of radiation emissions you received for your cell phone, it turns out they may actually increase them! Headsets have wires in them that essentially act as antennas, attracting radiation to your head. Wireless (a.k.a Bluetooth) headsets are no better, they just replace the wire with a transmitter that emit radio pulsed frequencies equivalent to those of a microwave oven. Yikes! Opt for an Air Tube headset, which uses a hollow tube to transmit sound.

The tube and the earpiece contain no metal conductors, thus no radiation gets transferred to your head. Using a speakerphone is another option, but not really a practical one unless you want all and sundry to hear your hermana telling you to keep your man you have to be a freaky in the bedroom, but a santa in public. Yeah, better stick to the Air Tube and chat away, free of radiation and hands.



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