The Ex Factor

Oct 10, 11 The Ex Factor

One of the only fun things about looking back on failed relationships is being able to dissect the ex in question. Don’t you kind of wish you could write up a report on each one so you could warn other women about Antonio’s poor personal hygiene and boring conversation? Or else give a glowing recommendation to Pedro and his thoughtfulness and good manners (shame he had to move away)? Now you can let the whole world know what the real deal is on your ex, or do some research on potential boyfriends for yourself, on ExRated. Think of it as a for old novios, if you will. You can review your former flames by answering questions about your relationship and rating their different traits, as well as filling in your own observations. ExRated hopes to help singles make better dating choices, as well as make them better daters themselves based on the possibility that their courting habits could be scrutinized and publicized all over the Internet. With all those rumors swirling around about Shakira dumping Pique’s cheating ass, we wonder what her review of him would look like?

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