The Dirty Bunch

Feb 24, 10 The Dirty Bunch

guide to pesticides in produce Bendito, I think I might just be sick right now. We might all get sick, if we don’t change our shopping ways ASAP.  Did you know that most of the fruit and vegetables that we consume daily are dirty? And I don’t mean “lo que no mata engorda” kind of dirty. I mean loaded-with-pesticides kind of dirty.

Now calm down and read on to find out how to reduce your exposure to these nasty chemicals. Since not all produce is created equal, the Environmental Working Group has put together a very helpful shopper’s guide ( ). The guide, which comes in PDF version or a downloadable iPhone app, helps you determine which items contain higher levels of pesticides (peaches and apples rank way up there, along with lettuce and carrots), and which are on the safer side (onions, cabbage, pineapple and mango are among the lesser culprits). Of course, the only way to ensure your fruit and veggies are completely pest-free is to buy organically grown products. Try to make the switch if you can, for the sake of your health, and let the only dirrrty in your life be the Christina Aguilera kind.

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