The Coolest Thing This Season

Jul 05, 11 The Coolest Thing This Season

Ah, nothing quite hits the spot on a hot summer day like a sweet, ice-cold paleta. It helps you cool down and reminds you of your carefree childhood days. Except, back then the ice pops you were scarfing down were more likely than not frozen Kool-Aid or orange juice. Girl, please. That is not how you roll these days. If you have a palate for the epicurean delights of life, then you will love gourmet popsicles. Seems like a bit of an oxymoron, no? But it’s absolutely true. LocoPops and Las Paletas are just two of the companies churning out frozen treats in unexpected flavors. LocoPops creator Summer Bicknell learned her craft in Mexico, so it’s not a surprise her line-up includes flavors like Mojito (yes, please!) and Mango Chile (spicy). Sisters Irma and Norma Paz, founders of Las Paletas, use chunks of seasonal fruit in their confections so you can be sure you’re only getting the freshest of the fresh when you order a honeydew or avocado popsicle. May sound weird, but they’re totally delish! Relive your childhood summer days with a very grown up twist.

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