Thanksgiving with Sabor Latino

Nov 23, 10 Thanksgiving with Sabor Latino

Thanksgiving with Sabor LatinoThanksgiving, or “Zansgivin” as your mami will forever call it despite your best attempts to teach her the correct pronunciation, is perhaps the most American of all holidays. But since you’re equal parts Yank and Latina, you need that infusion of culture in all your celebrations. You can do just that by adding some very Latin flavors to your traditional Thanksgiving dinner. How about a side of rice and black beans or some yucca instead (or as well as, if you prefer, but watch out for the carb overload) of yams? And how about some flan de coco for dessert? Delish. And don’t think the all-star dish, the turkey, can’t be Latinized too. This is an incredible recipe for a turkey that’s ripe with Latino flavor and will leave everyone crying out for second and third helpings, and you yearning for leftovers. Speaking of which, forget the old turkey sandwich! Go loca and spice up the remnants of your dinner by making them into turkey enchiladas or turkey breasts with chipotle salsa this year. These ideas are sure to be a hit among any friends and relatives lucky enough to partake in your muy sabroso Thanksgiving this year!

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