Tequila 101

Nov 18, 11 Tequila 101

If you think that being a Cosmopolatina is all fun and games…well, for the most part you’d be right. Recently we had the privilege of being invited to the Spirits of Mexico event at Agave Restaurant in New York in order to sample the newest and tastiest brands of tequila available. While we did have fun trying out the drinks, we didn’t go just to get crazy drunk. We actually learned a couple of things so we could report back to you. For instance, did you know there are three different types of tequilas? Up first is silver, or blanco, tequila which is clear and 100% agave; it is not aged so it has a stronger flavor.  Reposado (which means ‘rested’) tequila is aged in white oak casks anywhere from 2 months to a year. This aging process gives the tequila a mellow oak flavor and a slight yellow coloring. Añejo (‘aged’) tequila goes through a similar aging process, except in smaller batches and for over a year. The longer aging gives it a stronger, more complex flavor and a brownish tint. It is also worth noting that although often confused, tequila and mezcal are two different drinks. While they are both made from the agave plant, they undergo different processes, and tequila is usually served in margaritas while mezcal is typically the one you’re knocking back in shots with a lick of salt and a wedge of lime (it’s also the one with the worm in the bottle). As for the actual brands we tasted, here are our favorites:

  • Wahaka Mezcal: it is certified USDA organic, tastes delicious and the bottle is so pretty we want to keep it as a decoration.
  • SX Samba: this heavenly union of tequila and Brazilian cachaça is good enough to drink on its own, but also makes for some fantastic cocktails.
  • T1 Tequila Uno: not only is this some top-notch stuff, the design of the bottle is said to be based on the curves of a Latina. Sexy!
  • Montoro Tequila: this tequila is made using cognac production techniques, and the end result is delicious and spicy.

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