Tasty Low Fat Snack

Jun 01, 10 Tasty Low Fat Snack

When you were little la tasty low fat snack hora de la merienda was awesome. Nothing better to satisfy those mid-afternoon stomach rumblings than with a snack lovingly prepared by mami. Nowadays the rumblings remain but we must rely on ourselves to satiate them. Sadly, that usually means something grabbed quickly from the calorie-laden festival of trans-fats the vending machine has to offer.

A Cosmopolatina needs something that is both more satisfying and healthier. The ideal merienda comes in the form of KIND bars, the snack that is taking the world by storm.  Delicious and nutritious, KIND bars are el ultimo grito these days, haven’t you heard? They’re made with all-natural ingredients and are gluten and wheat-free, so no worries on the allergy front. You’re probably thinking something this healthy must taste like cardboard, but that’s where you’re wrong. KIND bars come in scrumptious flavors like mango macadamia, almonds and apricots in yogurt, and sesame and peanuts with chocolate. They also have these fabulous gift packs, so you can share this marvelous discovery with others and spread the KINDness in your life.”

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