Take Control Of Your Personal Finances

Sep 22, 10 Take Control Of Your Personal Finances

Learn Vest Back in abuelita’s day, money management meant stuffing your savings under your mattress. We’ve come a long way since then, and you’re a big girl now so it’s time you realized a piggy bank is not an acceptable 401k plan. You need to start acting like a grown-up, at least when it comes to your money. Not sure how to do it? Or does the mere idea terrify you more than the memory of El Cucui?

LearnVest teaches you everything you need to know about budgeting, loans, retirement plans, investing, taxes, debt and more. LV’s advice is directed specifically towards women, and is easy to understand. It’s got planning tools, calculators, checklists, tutorials and more tools to help you map out your financial future, or fix past mistakes. Finally, everything you need to get organized! Signing up is free and easy, so there’s no excuse to not get your act together. Besides, it’s a much more effective road to prosperity than eating lentejas on New Year’s Eve.”

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