Sweet Relief: Honey As A Cure-All

Oct 18, 10 Sweet Relief: Honey As A Cure-All

Up until now your main uses for honey were strictly culinary, especially when making that delicious flan from abuelita’s secret recipe. But honey is more than a tasty ingredient; aside from the kitchen cabinet it should also be one of the main elements in your first-aid kit. Honey has antiseptic properties that kill pathogens and prevent infection, and help promote healing.

The high sugar content in honey pulls water out of wounds thus reducing swelling and pain. Still not convinced? Honey also helps minimize scarring. Sold! Honey was used to treat bruises, cuts, wounds and contusions by the ancient Egyptians, Indians and Chinese and has recently been enjoying a well-deserved resurgence as a powerful healing agent. So next time you bump your shin on the edge of the bed while desperately looking for your other shoe, dab  honey on the spot to avoid getting an ugly bruise that would otherwise get in the way of you rocking your new mini-falda on the weekend. Licking your wounds just got a whole lot tastier!”


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