Surviving Cyber Heartbreaks

Jun 09, 11 Surviving Cyber Heartbreaks

Breaking up is harrowing enough without the added stress of having to deal with the technological aspect of it. I mean, when mami was nursing a broken heart at the hands of some Julio Iglesias look-alike at least she didn’t have to worry about drunk dialing or him Tweeting those, ahem, intimate pictures she sent him. Surviving a 21st century break-up is not easy, so here are some tips to help you along:

  • Twenty years ago, photos of a demised relationship were stuffed in a shoebox and banished to the back of a closet. Or maybe tossed in the fireplace, whatever. In the digital age you might be tempted to permanently erase all evidence of your relationship, but stop for a minute before you hit the delete button. The pictures may contain memories you may not be ready to obliterate after the initial pain of the breakup wears off (such as vacations or special moments with friends). Copy them to an external hard drive and put them away. You can check back later once your heart is firmly mended.
  • If you don’t feel like announcing to the whole world (or at least to your FB friends) your newfound singledom, switch your privacy settings to “only me” when changing your relationship status, wait one day y listo. News of your breakup will not appear in anyone’s feed.
  • Tagged photos of you and your former media naranja are not going to help any when future suitors peruse your albums. Un-tag yourself from other people’s pictures and take down your own.
  • Getting over an ex can be especially hard if you are constantly bombarded with news and pictures of their doings. If you don’t want to go so far as to remove them from your friends list or block them, Facebook allows you to hide people from your newsfeed and Twitter lets you unfollow them or put them on lists you never have to check. You may also want to do this with people you are only friends with because of him (unless you genuinely want to remain friends with them).

So while you’re busy adjusting the digital status of your relationship, have quick look at these tips that will further help you get that heart bandaged up and good as new in no time. Ánimo, Cosmopolatina!

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