Surprising Uses For Your Microwave

Sep 03, 10 Surprising Uses For Your Microwave

Surprising uses for your micorwaveUsually your microwave serves no higher purpose than to pop a bag of popcorn to accompany Sabado Gigante, or to quickly heat up a breakfast burrito on your way out to work. But as you will discover, it is so much more than a quick-snack-fixer. For example, sponges harvest a ton of bacteria and absorb nasty smells (especially after washing up the dishes from last night’s caldo de pescado dinner). No need to immediately discard.

To disinfect and deodorize, soak the sponge in water with white vinegar or lemon juice and heat on high for one minute. You can also disinfect plastic cutting boards this way. Simply wash them well, rub with the cut side of a lemon and proceed to heat for one minute. Speaking of lemons, you can get more juice out of them (and other citrus fruits) if you heat them for 20 seconds before squeezing. Your microwave also roasts garlic much faster than a traditional oven, and is much less messy. Share these tips with your mami. She will love them, and you can be secretly glad that for once you have something to teach her instead of the other way around.”

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