Sum It Up

Oct 05, 11 Sum It Up

Social media is pretty cool, there’s no denying it. How else are you supposed to remember all of your cousins’ birthdays or keep up with the novela that is your best friend’s love life? The thing is that constantly going back and forth between Facebook, Twitter, Google + and whatever new social networking sites there are out there takes up a LOT of time; precious time that would be better employed doing other things like oh, I don’t know, say, working or having face to face interactions with other people. So in order to weed out the excess status updates you don’t care about (like what your cubicle neighbor is having for lunch. You can smell the tostones and mojo from over here, thank you very much) and get to the gist of what really interests you, try Summify. It integrates all your social media accounts and sends you a summary of the relevant stuff in your newsfeeds. Nice! Better start planning what you’re going to do with all the free time you’re going to have on your hands from now on. May we suggest taking up a new hobby?

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