Sultifry Your Eyes With Fake Lashes

Nov 26, 10 Sultifry Your Eyes With Fake Lashes

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Have you seen how great movie stars look with false eyelashes on? They look so glamorous and, well, movie star-ish. You can work the diva look for the holidays, too, especially if no mascara out there will give you the kind of length and volume you’re looking for. No need to go all crazy with that mink eyelash look J.Lo loves to sport or with the extreme feathery look your mami worked back in the 70s, particularly if you’re a beginner. You can start by buying a cheap pair to practice with, before investing in a more elegant set. Proper application is very important; you don’t want to see one of your lashes floating in your date’s mojito halfway through the night, do you? You should roll each eyelash before you start. Stiff lashes are harder to work with. Try them over your own lashes before applying the glue to see how they’ll fit, you may need to trim them to fit your eye shape better. Apply a thin line of glue (Oak Latex Eyelash Glue is better since it’s natural and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that shouldn’t go anywhere near your eyes) on the base of the false lashes and wait for about a minute before starting to stick them on, starting at the inner corner of your eye and working your way out. Finish be curling them so as to blend them in with your real lashes. There are many tricks to applying false lashes, a little practice is all you need to become an expert. Soon you’ll be painting the town red with a Cosmopolatinalicious gaze worthy of the red carpet. And once you reach diva fake lash pro status, every chica should have a set of these in her arsenal of beauty. Get them at MsApothecary from our LaCosmo beauty expert.

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