Stay Fit While Partying

Dec 07, 11 Stay Fit While Partying

Holiday parties are a double-edged sword. They’re tons of fun, but they’re also a vast land of temptation. There are so many delicious – and highly caloric – holiday treats beckoning to be sampled. Lechon, natilla, buñuelos, coquito…good Lord, it’s almost too much for anyone to resist. Luckily, holistic health counselor and Sweet Path Wellness founder Priscilla Stephan has some tips to help us stay healthy and sexy this season,  so we won’t be kicking ourselves come January:

  1. Don’t arrive hungry: Eat healthy snacks such as a handful of nuts or some fruit before you arrive at the party.  Planning ahead will ensure you don’t hit the buffet starving and overeat.
  2. Be selective: Check out all the food options before making your final selections. Pick ONLY the foods you really want to eat and make sure to add as many healthy options as you can to your plate.  Eat slowly and don’t go for seconds. By making conscious choices, you’ll enjoy your food more and avoid unnecessary calories.
  3. Watch the drinks: Ideally you should limit yourself to no more than 2 drinks per night. Have a glass of water after each drink to stay hydrated (and avoid a hangover!) and to space out your alcoholic drinks.
  4. Ramp up your exercise regimen: No slacking because it’s Christmas! Working out will curb your stress and unhealthy cravings as well as help to counteract any overindulgences you make (like those gingerbread cookies you snuck when you thought no one was looking).
  5. Get enough sleep: Sleep keeps your appetite and food cravings in check so you don’t have those crazy urges for dulces, plus it’ll make your skin glow and will keep the under eye circles at bay.


  1. Helen /

    These are all great reminders that I know to be true & effective, thank you Priscilla!

  2. Priscilla /

    Helen – I’m glad you found the comments useful.

    A little awareness goes a long way and we can have fun and eat our healthy cake too! Feliz Navidad!

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