Starches That Help You Slim Down

Jun 28, 10 Starches That Help You Slim Down

Starches That Help You Slim DownThere are certain dishes we usually avoid like the plague when dieting. The creamy potatoes in an ensalada de papa, for example, tend to elicit a “no, gracias” from most women watching their figure. Never again, ladies. Turns out, there is a slow-burning type of starch that can actually be your ally in the battle against love handles and thunder thighs.

Wait. What? You read correctly, señoritas, it is called resistant starch and it actually helps burn fat. How so? Well, it resists being digested by your small intestine (hence the name, duh), instead helping to keep insulin levels from spiking after a meal. This helps to burn fat up to a day later. Resistant starch can be found in oats, cornflakes, barley, legumes (like lentejas, yum) and cooked, but cold potatoes, rice and pasta. This is because the starch granules are disrupted when heated but recover their properties once they cool back down. Cool off and enjoy!”

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