Sorymal Rivera

Nov 04, 11 Sorymal Rivera

City you live in:
I currently reside in Philadelphia.

I tend to speak more English than Spanish unless I’m around family. I’ve also been known to speak Spanglish. There are just some words and phrases that don’t translate properly!

Favorite Latin food you can’t live without:
I cannot live without Pasteles!

What is your Latina contradiction?
My Latina contradiction is my height! I’m 5’11”!!

When you think of Latin culture, what are the first words you think of?
The first word I think of is Bendicion! I was raised very traditionally.

What is your ethnicity? Or where is your family from?
I was born in Puerto Rico and raised in a very small town in central Pennsylvania. My immediate family is in the US but I still have a ton of family in PR.

Latina? American? Both?
Definitely both! There are some things that the Latina in me handles so much better and vice versa.

Favorite Latin artist or music?
Okay, I understand how cliché this may sound, but I heart Salsa! And who better to dance/listen to than Marc, Ruben, Gilberto, Victor, El Gran Combo…oh my! I can keep going and going and going….

iPhone or BlackBerry?

How do you describe your style?
Timeless! There are things in my closet that I have had for YEARS.

What’s your favorite Latin restaurant?
My mom’s kitchen!

[ethnicity]Puerto Rico[/ethnicity]
[name]Sorymal Rivera[/name]
[description]My style is Timeless! There are things in my closet that I have had for YEARS.[/description]

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