Sopa De Pollo For Your Broken Heart

Feb 18, 10 Sopa De Pollo For Your Broken Heart

how to mend a broken heart We’ve all been there. One minute you’re all smiles and laughs because you keep thinking of that oh-so romantic weekend, then the next minute you find yourself wincing at the sight of anything that reminds you of him. It’s tough, but LaCosmo has a couple tips to make the transition to the single life again a little smoother. Believe me, soon enough you’ll be glad he said adios for good.


1. Talk it out with a “real” amiga. (Someone that is actually considerate of your feelings and privacy. Not the next door neighbor you exchange hellos with each morning on your way to work.)

2. Don’t worry if you have a breakdown for no reason. I had a breakdown in my apartment three weeks after I broke up with my last BF and felt better than ever afterwards.

3. Andale! Go run. Exercise is a great stress reliever.

4. Even if you’re feeling lonely and/or drunk, really try not to call the ex-BF. Dale tiempo al tiempo.

5. Also, avoid seeing the ex-BF. This might be difficult if it’s someone you see on a regular basis. However, if communication is unavoidable, keep conversations brief.

6. Avoid asking people about your ex-BF – don’t let your curiosity get the best of you by asking people about him and trying to gossip. Ojos que no ven, corazón no siente.

7. If you are prone to mood swings or sadness, keep away from the margaritas for while. If you don’t have this problem, have a nice one with your amigas!

8. Make a list of what you will miss about him (yeah, get it out) and what you will NOT miss about him. (My “will not miss” list for my ex was surprising actually. It turned out to be longer than the “will miss” list!)

9. Take time off from dating and don’t worry about meeting someone right away. Focus on work, getting your life together, and hanging out with friends you may have ignored. I took up a painting class with my best friend after my last break-up and absolutely loved it. Remember, starting all over again is scary but it’s also fun.

Good luck, you’re a single lady now!

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