Sole Sisters

Apr 02, 10 Sole Sisters

roll-up flat shoes

If my feet had a mind of their own they would beat me to death with my own shoes. I can’t say that I could blame them given the agony I’ve inflicted on them in the name of fashion. Who among us, though, has not willingly endured a night of pain for the sake of sporting a divine pair of Jimmy Choo heels? We start longing for our chancletas during the trek back home when the fun is over and, let’s face it, we’re a few drinks worse for wear.

Not that we would ever dare suggest something so déclassé, it’s not like you’re Tía María going to la tienda. No, a Cosmopolatina needs much chicer solutions. How about a pair of emergency flats you can roll up into your purse and whip out at the end of the night? Rollasole ( and After Heels ( are two companies that are making this possible by selling portable flats from vending machines inside clubs. They’re cute, comfy and they even come with a bag to carry your heels home in. Sadly they’re currently only available in England but they’ll be rolling State side soon and you can purchase them online in the meantime. Show your tootsies some love. They’ll repay you by not ending up with Tia Maria’s juanetes.


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