Sleeping Beauty Was Skinny For A Reason

Mar 08, 10 Sleeping Beauty Was Skinny For A Reason

sleep helps lose weightYou’ve been so good. You swore off chorizos y tostones for good and have been alternating between garden salads and salmon. You think about those cherry-filled chocolates more than you think about your new DiCaprio look-a-like coworker. You’re wishing that your flat belly could appear overnight. Well I have some amazing news for you.

Not all of it has to be work and sweat, you can actually lose weight if you just get a little more sleep. I know. It sounds a little crazy, but it actually works. When you sleep less, your body will actually crave that fried chicken more than when you’re well rested, and it will also store more fat. When you sleep, your body releases large amounts of a growth hormone that helps your body break down fat. When you skip the Z’s, your body gets less of that hormone. Easy, no? Get a couple extra hours of sleep every night and you’ll be a little thinner before you know it. You can find out more about this theory here. Sweet dreams, chica.

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