Skin Care for the Fall

Nov 04, 10 Skin Care for the Fall

Skin care

Let’s face it, we Latinas are a hot-blooded bunch. Frosty climates just do NOT go with us; It’s the Caribbean gene in all of us. One of the main reasons we dislike the chilly weather is because of the toll it takes on our skin, a combination of low humidity, icy winds and cold temperatures can wreak epidermal chaos. The most likely consequences are ultra-dry skin and chapped lips, so break out the big guns to fight back! Mary Schook founder of MS Apothecary recommends combating dryness from the inside out, so start by making changes to your diet to put some moisture back in your skin. Consume plenty of essential fatty acids by stocking up on salmon, canola oil, walnuts and avocados on your next trip to la tienda. You should be doing this anyway because we lose moisture as we age and these foods help replenish oils that are vital to healthy skin. Next, start an exfoliation routine. Regular body brushing with a coarse brush and light exfoliation of the face (no more than twice a week) are crucial to keep dead skin from accumulating. Note that we said to use a brush. Loofahs and sponges trap bacteria and mold. Ugh, nasty! There are plenty more things you can do keep moisture locked in, but you will have to tune in next week for that. In the meantime, don‘t let the cold weather get you down. Nothing like shaking your bon-bon to Ricky Martin’s latest tunes to keep warm and rosy!

So stock up on a good moisturizer that’s appropriate for your skin type before the thermostat starts to drop, add to your shopping list a lip balm with SPF to be reapplied several times a day. Speaking of SPF, don’t think you’re off the sunscreen hook now that summer’s over. Just because it’s not hot it doesn’t mean UV rays don’t penetrate. Another change you need to make is your foundation. Although most of us Latinas are naturally morenitas, skin tends to be at its palest during winter so you may need to replace your summer foundation with one a couple of shades lighter. If you want to maintain your toasty tone you can mix a bit of liquid bronzer into your foundation or wear a tinted moisturizer. Most importantly, stay hot-blooded by staying active. Nothing like a few fast-paced salsa steps to the tune of El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico to keep yourself warm and rosy!

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