The Side Of Beer You Never Knew About

Sep 08, 11 The Side Of Beer You Never Knew About

When you think about beer, you picture yourself drinking an ice-cold Corona with a lime wedge in it to cool down a hot summer day. Or maybe you are reminded of getting together with the family to have an asado and watch the futbol game. Whatever images beer evokes for you, chances are they are not of a versatile household product. Oh, yeah. La cerveza is good for more than getting your buzz on during happy hour, it can help you sort out a multitude of domestic issues:

  • If the bees and wasps are threatening to ruin that family asado or picnic, place cups of beer on the outskirts of your gathering. They will be attracted to it, thus forgetting all about you.
  • Plants love the brewski, too! The sugars in beer make a great fertilizer, just don’t overdo it with the indoor plants because they don’t get the benefit of being cleansed by rain.
  • And it’s not just flowers and vegetables that benefit, beer can also spruce up your lawn. The sugars in the beer nourish it while the acids kill off fungi and pests, resulting in an impeccable lawn free of brown spots.
  • Beer is great at removing tea and coffee stains from fabric. Soak the stain in beer and let sit for a while, then dab with a clean cloth and proceed to wash well with soap and water.
  • Make your gold jewelry look like new by soaking it in a dish of beer. Remove, rinse and polish with a dry cloth after several minutes. Also great for polishing brass pots.

Find out more things you never thought you could do with beer, besides keg stands and beer pong.

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