Show Off Latino Pride With Style

Aug 10, 10 Show Off Latino Pride With Style

show off latino pride with style We know you’re a proud Latina and often wear that pride on your sleeve. Now you can wear it on your chest too. No, there’s no plastic surgery required. It’s just a t-shirt, loca. Latino Time makes apparel that allows you to exhibit your love for all things Latino.

They have shirts that declare I (heart) everything from Abuela (because who doesn’t?) to Arepas. There are also tops emblazoned with the refranes you have been hearing from your parents since you can remember, like El que madruga Dios le ayuda or Al mal tiempo buena cara; and with funny sayings (Azucar! and “I’m with menso” are our favorites). You can also find mugs, hats, license plate frames and lots more goodies that make great gifts and let the world know you’re a Hispanic-manic!”

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