Shopping Alone Is Not An Option

Feb 16, 10 Shopping Alone Is Not An Option

online shopping community Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. That great amiga that’s going to tell you if that dress makes you look like un envuelto relleno? Let’s hold off on that one. Unlike men, for us ladies shopping requires thorough examination and patience.

Ultimately we want the three B’s our moms always told us about: bueno, bonito y barato (and that Amy, Maria and Diana approve). The increasingly popular trend of solo online shopping has sucked the fun out of shopping with friends – until Kaboodle ( came along. Remember the last time you couldn’t pick between the black patent leather pumps and the gold strappy sandals? You finally made your friends pick for you after 30 minutes of vacillating between the two. Kaboodle allows you do the same thing, but online and much faster. Why wait to order a product and then show it to your friends when you could simply create a poll and get the opinion of the entire Kaboodle community before making your choice? Discover new things from people with similar taste and style as you, recommend your favorite products and stores, and even make new friends while you’re at it. Kaboodle is the ultimate place for fashionistas.

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