She Points, She Translates, She Scores!

Jan 26, 11 She Points, She Translates, She Scores!

So your resume says you’re fluent in Spanish. Little do your bosses know that your dominion of the language is limited to “Un taco de carne, por favor” and “Donde esta el baño?”. You were kind of hoping that if a situation ever came up where you actually needed to flaunt your Spanish skills you could just wing it. If you have an iPhone, then you are in luck. The new Word Lens app allows you to translate printed words in real time just by pointing your camera at them. The word-for-word translation comes up on your screen instead of the original text. Granted, it has some limitations since the translations are literal (Frances patatas fritas, anyone?) but you have to admit the technology is amazing. And you can bet it will be honed in the future, and more language pairs will be added. But for now, it is the best ally in your corner when it comes to deciphering the menu at the Cuban restaurant you’re taking important clients to, and guiding them to the correct restroom

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