Share The Daily Subway Craziness

Jun 24, 10 Share The Daily Subway Craziness

share the daily subway craziness We’ve all experienced the insanity that is riding the subway. Whether it’s the tube, le métro or el subte, it’s all the same brand of crazy. From the inconsiderate jerk who lights up a cig to the weirdo muttering to himself in a corner, and everything in between. You might as well endure it with a bit of humor.

Subway Douchery is the forum where annoyed passengers can come together and share pictures of their hilarious encounters with subway madness. There’s the guy clipping his toenails como Pedro por su casa, the Peter Pan-clad dude impressively stretching out his limbs presumably before an audition and the gentleman inconspicuously picking his nose. The best part is that since crazy is everywhere, you can post pictures from trains, airports, anywhere douchery may be! Next time you come across that lady who always takes her shoes off and puts her feet up, snap away instead of giving her a dirty look. Maybe that will get her to stop. Doubtful, but at the very least you’ll get a good laugh out of it.


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