Sex for One: Self Love

Feb 14, 12 Sex for One: Self Love

It’s Valentine’s Day. You’re single and feeling sort of frisky. If you want some sexual lovin’, you gotta take matters in your own hands, literally. Yep. Masturbation. There. I said it. But your Catholic upbringing and your tendency to want to please your hombre sometimes makes you focus on their pleasure instead of yours, first. And who says you need a man to grant you the big O. Snap out of it, chica! When was the last time you used your rosary? You know you’re no Virgen Maria so stop acting like it. It’s time to get selfish.

Get comfortable. Get sexy. There’s no shame in self love. In fact, according to Betty Dodson in her best selling book, Sex For One, it’s a healthy and necessary form of expression. It’s about feeling okay about it during and after. Some of Dodson’s ideas are a bit un-orthodox: like non-monogamy and extra-marital affairs as potential help for your sexual healing. Up to you, mujer, but you know you’ll still sort of feel like you’ll go straight to el infierno if you go through with it.

It’s as basic as breathing and eating. And still the safest sex of all. No condoms necessary! So your young and hot Padre Alberto at church, will be ecstatic when you confess what you been up to, you naughty girl you.


  1. Stephanie Cardozo /

    I am all about the self love. It was said to love others as you love yourself. Well this is loving yourself on a different level and at least it IS safe sex. Love it. :) Self love with a spicy twist for sure. ;)

  2. Itzel Yagual /

    Self love is vital! In order to be loved you must love your self…it is hard to compromise or enter any relationship if one cannot appreciate themselves. Well written! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Claudio /

    To me, self pleasure is essential.
    Masturbation and sex are two different types of satisfaction. I disagree that one should replace the other, but instead think that we should experience both intensively.
    I have heard from many people that, after a great night of sex, they go home, and masturbate thinking about what happened hours before.
    Sex is health. It Liberates toxins, moves the body, produces endorphins and improves self esteem. Regardless of if it comes attached with or without love.

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