Sending Out an SOS for Our Children

Jul 25, 11 Sending Out an SOS for Our Children

Maday Maday! Calling all Latinas! This is an urgent message from your captain!

Flex those typing fingers, put your phone on standby, and read these facts:

• In the US, a young person drops out of high school every nine seconds of each school day.

• Out of the 75 percent of students who do not graduate on time, 50 percent of those students are of Hispanic origin.

Yes, we know this is alarming, but know that help is on the way! P&G is sponsoring Communities in Schools, a nationwide network of professionals placed in schools to help children to get the support they need to pursue higher education. Here’s your mission ladies, if you choose to accept it: to make a change in the lives of Latino children, just with one click.

1. Create Awareness:

We Latinas know that when we find something worth talking about, no one and nothing can keep us silent. And if anything is worth using that gift of gab for, it’s this:

Ready, set, go to

Like this fanpage, inform your friends, and not only will you get rewarded with coupons, P&G will donate to Communities in Schools. Ladies, this is a win win if we’ve ever seen one!

2. Get Involved:

If any word could be used to describe Latinas, lazy would most definitely not be one of them. So let’s get off our culatas and make some change! Click on this link and find out whether the children closest to you are getting the help they need, and how you can get involved:

Our future lies in your capable hands. Now activate those Latina superhuman powers and stop this disturbing trend in its tracks.

Psstt… we forgot to mention the best part. John Legend is the spokesperson for this effort, and yours truly got  to see and speak to him in person (Ladies, don’t pretend you’re not jealous). Fortunately, you can see him too by checking out our video of the interview, at:

And if that isn’t enough for you, P&G’s myGIVE fanpage also features a video of him speaking about this cause. Go to the fanpage, watch the video, and P&G will donate 25 cents to CIS. So chica, what are you waiting for?

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