Saying Adios After Your Dead

Jan 11, 12 Saying Adios After Your Dead

I say the word muerte y dios mio! My great aunt pops out with the rosary beads and my mother is fanning herself down.

Relax. Death is one of those guaranteed events that will happen to all of us, Mami.  Now we can even leave a little behind to our loved ones, not to worry you don’t need to take out the holy water afterwards. There is a sigh of relief in the house. Mami is not too techie but I am positive she will appreciate this freaky app that can leave messages to anyone you want after your dead. I know! I couldn’t believe it myself. It’s true!

If I Die is an app that delivers a video message to anyone you choose from Facebook. Afraid to say Te quiero to your childhood sweetheart? No problem. His wife can’t come after you! Or maybe you want to tell that co worker what you really think of her without worrying what she will do to your latte. The choices are endless! It’s easy and umm shall we say everlasting?

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