Sara Inés Calderón

Sep 06, 11 Sara Inés Calderón

City you live in:
Los Angeles, CA

Occupation and why?
I became a bloguera suprema, or a blogger in regular parlance, sort of by accident. I had been interested in being a reporter ever since I was playing Rachel (the reporter from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”) in first grade, and when I graduated from college that’s what I became. I landed in Brownsville, Texas and worked as an immigration reporter two weeks after graduating from Stanford University. After a few other reporting gigs, an unfortunate run-in with being laid off, I found myself in the blogging world writing about social media, and later, working with News Taco.

I have always felt compelled to try to do my part to make sure people have the information they need to make choices. This is true when it comes to my personal life, such as Googling phone numbers for my elderly relatives, and then professionally as a blogger. It’s a compulsion, I guess.

A regular day consists of?
I wake up early, check my email, Facebook, Twitter feed and then news headlines. I have a few social media posts due each morning, after I wrap those up the day begins with Facebook and Twitter posts and conversations, blogging about breaking news, interviewing people, editing videos, searching for stock photos, corresponding with contributors and potential partners and generally trying to stay on top of the news while I squat on social media platforms. As the day winds down, I begin to work on the whole process again for the next day.

How do you define success?
Having been through the unemployment/layoff ringer, I feel like I can say with certainty that “success” is something that each person defines for themselves. A lot of ingredients go into that feeling, though, and they can range from feeling happy, feeling like you’re making a difference, being able to pay your bills, doing what you love or helping others. As for my personal definition of success, I feel successful when I’m using my talents to help others and thus make a difference. I’ve had jobs where I was using my talents but not making a difference, or I was making a difference but not writing, and I did not feel truly successful in either case.

What has been your biggest challenge?
I feel like the biggest challenge as a young Latina entrepreneur/bloguera suprema is trying to take on the future of media without really having a roadmap. It can be very daunting to look at the old media landscape and see another headline about newspaper layoffs, but then look forward into the great unknown and have to make an educated calculation about what the best thing will be. Of course, with this uncertainty is a great amount of excitement and I enjoy every minute.

What advice would you give a Latina who wants to follow in your footsteps?
Yes you can do it, and yes it’s supposed to be scary and overwhelming. I do not have a degree or formal training in social media or blogging — I had to learn it as I went along. Besides, there are no degrees in social media or blogging. And you know what? I made a lot of mistakes, stupid ones, that I had to learn to forgive myself for. But in the end, I learned some important lessons and found that mistakes often do not carry the extreme consequences we fear. If you want something badly enough, you can figure it out, either by asking around, your own experience, watching what others are doing or the old fallback, Google.

What’s on your bucket list?
There are a million books I want to read, I want to learn how to paint and sing and play a drum set. I want to learn French and Italian, travel to Brazil, Mexico and Cuba and travel the world to see amazing works of art.

I am proud to be Latina because:
I look at my family and I see good, amazing people who came to this country with a strong work ethic and a desire to be better. When I listen to my tías chismeando or remember the conversations I used to have with my abuelito, I feel a strong admiration for people whose goal in life is to be decent, hardworking human beings who contribute to the world around them. What’s more, I love my languages, I love our cultural idiosyncrasies, our family’s story of migration, the symbols we use to feel at home and the the way we love each other. I’m proud to be Latina because it’s who I am, but also because it’s where I came from.

How do you get your Latin fix?
I live my Latin fix. After several years living in Texas and along the border, most of my conversations take place in English and Spanish. I listen to the Beastie Boys and Mercedes Sosa in the same sitting. I have the Virgen de Guadalupe everywhere. I named my car Conchis and my computer Maquita. I’ll have a licuado for breakfast, a taquito for lunch and a michelada with my dinner. In short, my latinidad is tightly woven into the fabric of my daily life because it’s who I am.

Spanglish, English, Spanish?
English is my dominant language, but I’m lucky that I speak, read and write Spanish very well, so I’m able to communicate very effectively in that language. But, as I said, most of my conversations take place in English and Spanish within the same sentence or conversation. I’m a guilty Spanglish speaker!

What is your favorite Latin restaurant?
My grandma’s kitchen.

My favorite Latina stereotype is:
I really don’t like any of them, but I find myself falling into several: being loud, gesticulating like crazy, being voluptuous, loving bright colors and flamboyant jewelry, etc.

Best advice from mami and/or abuelita:
My abuelita used to always say, “cada cabeza es un mundo”.

Favorite home remedy
Aloe vera for sunburns and vitamin E oil for under your eyes at night.

Favorite Quote:
La vida es dura, pero es bella.

Career Highlights
Being News Taco’s bloguera suprema is definitely the high point!

[fun]♦ I love martial arts, have a substantial earring collection, love the color green (like my eyes!), love to crochet, live for great stories and enjoy watching science documentaries on YouTube.[/fun]

♦ Sara Inés Calderón has been working as a professional journalist and blogger for nearly a decade in California, Texas and El Internet.
♦ She’s the editor of, The Latino Daily, and a reporter for[/career]

[description]My latinidad is tightly woven into the fabric of my daily life because it’s who I am.[/description]



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