Safe Laundry

Mar 24, 11 Safe Laundry

I love pink as much as the next girl, but I do NOT appreciate opening the washing machine to find a load of rose-colored garments that were originally white. That’s what happens when you inadvertently toss in an item of clothing that bleeds, or are just too lazy to sort your laundry (if your mother could see this she’d have a heart attack. Cuantas veces te he dicho…? and all that spiel). In order to prevent future bloodbaths in the washer, try this mami-approved trick: measure ¼ cup of salt (regular table salt is OK, no need for anything fancy) and add it to the wash cycle. You can just sprinkle it on top of the clothes then proceed to wash as usual. The salt sets in colors, so not only will it avert another mess, it keeps all clothes from fading and looking brighter for a longer time. Now there’s a way to spice up laundry day.

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