Rosalind Rodriguez

Oct 17, 11 Rosalind Rodriguez

City you live in:
I live in Miami, Florida 305!

I speak English, Spanish, Spanglish and Miami Spanglish. Miami is made up of Hispanics from all over the world. South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Since all Spanish is not the same we have made it where we all understand. I guess i would say it’s Mianish :) . All the Hispanic cultures in one language. There is no place like Miami.

Favorite Latin food you can’t live without:
If you’re Latin, it is impossible to have one favorite dish. I would choose Mojarra frita (fried fish), with Arroz de Coco y Patacones y con agua de panela as a refreshment. That is a Colombian dish.

What is your Latina contradiction?
As Latin woman my contradiction is that I don’t like to cook. I know how to, I just don’t like to. I believe that within family or within a relationship, women and men should be equal. Latin women have come a long way. I believe we are strong, intelligent and excellent for business. I stand up against all that was asked of us as Latin woman in the past. It’s a new era and I am one to fight for a better life for Latina women. We are equal or better.

When you think of Latin culture, what are the first words you think of?
Strength, Unity, Family values, Happy and Proud people. We Make the best of it all.

What is your ethnicity? Or where is your family from?
I have Colombian roots. My family is made up of all cultures, Colombian, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, that is why I call my family El Sancocho… (which is a soup which has all kinds of vegetables added, that is what makes the soup taste much better).

Latina? American? Both?
I am Latin American, I was born in Queens, New York, raised in Miami, Florida and I am proud to have Colombian blood running through my veins. I’m proud to be Latina.

Favorite Latin artist or music?
I love all Latin music, Merengue, Salsa, Boleros, Vallenatos, Bachata, Reggaeton. If I can move my hips to it? then I love it!! lol. I love all Latin artists. I love all my groups for Vallenatos and my favorite artists are Maná and Romeo Santos.

iPhone or BlackBerry?
Neither one. I love my HTC EVO , its a Latina thing to go against the simple lol.

How do you describe your style?
I see myself as interesting because I am bold, sophisticated and defiant.

What’s your favorite Latin restaurant?
Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine, it’s great for family gatherings and laughs. I believe all Latin families love to get together and go to a restaurant and catch up on what’s happening with their lives. I love those reunions.

[ethnicity]Multiple ethnic roots[/ethnicity]
[name]Rosalind Rodriguez[/name]
[description]I see myself as interesting because I am bold, sophisticated and defiant.[/description]

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    I love it, Phenomenal woman.

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