Roam If You Want To

Jul 20, 11 Roam If You Want To

Taking a vacation abroad can be a dream come true; whether it’s exploring new sights and cultures or getting back in touch with your own roots. The only glitch can be trying to stay connected stateside via your Smartphone. Just because you’re in the ruins of Machu Picchu doesn’t mean you don’t need regular access to your email and Facebook account. But roaming fees are astronomical, and you’d have to be muy loca to rack up hundreds of dollars worth of mobile data charges just to keep track of your friend requests. Of course, some of you genuinely need to stay in touch to keep businesses running smoothly and such. So are you condemned to stay under the yoke of mobile networks and the ridiculous prices they charge? The good news is, no, you are not. Many third party companies are now offering solutions for roamers at affordable prices.

  • Onavo is an app that routes all your mobile data through their own servers and compresses it before passing it on to you. This results in savings of 80% on the amount of data you use, and by extension on the amount of money you spend. It’s currently only available for iPhone, but plans for support of other platforms have been announced.
  • Droam allows you to rent a mobile wireless router (a.k.a mi-fi) for the duration of your trip abroad and you can use any wi-fi enabled device with it, not just your phone. It’s Internet everywhere you go, at a fraction of what roaming costs.
  • Abroadband’s approach is similar, except they offer a SIM card or USB modem which can be used in 55 different countries.

Experts predict that cell phone companies will be forced to lower their roaming charges in the future when they see how small companies like these can offer the same service for lower rates. In the meantime, do your part to show them who’s el jefe and get your mobile data elsewhere.

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  1. Ali /

    I heard from a co worker that the 3 G kindle is excellent for that at no charge!!!!

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