Qwips: Say Hello to Social Voice

Mar 08, 12 Qwips: Say Hello to Social Voice

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually add your voice to a Facebook post and sing “Las Mañanitas” to your papi or hombre for the entire world to hear? Or how about adding a, “Booya! In your face, beatches!” along with a photo of you crossing the finish line to all those naysayers on Twitter who said you couldn’t run that marathon in less than 4 hours because, well, you’re not exactly athletic nor had you really trained for it, chica.

Well now you can! With Qwips. Qwi que? I said Qwips. It’s a new Facebook Iphone App that is pretty much a 30-second voice recorder application that you can add to the social conversation. I mean, just Tweeting and posting on Facebook is so 2011, girl. Now you can go 3D by instantly adding your real voice and voice-tagging photos. You can Qwip your Tweets, emails, Facebook posts; heck, pretty much anything that you can upload or send. It’s super intuitive, easy-to-use and it’s free! Just click. Speak. And share. And help make the world a little sweeter with your fabulous voice.

Hey. You always wanted to try out for American Idol. Here’s one tool you can use to get noticed.


  1. Stephanie Cardozo /

    I am not that much of a techie, but I do like to keep up on the latest and this information actually caught my interest! And made me laugh. Best of both worlds. Thanks Cosmopolatina!

    • LaCosmo /

      Thanks Stephanie. Have you tried it out yet? Did you send any songs or captions yet to your unassuming friends?

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