Quick 10 Minute Excercise Routines

Sep 24, 10 Quick 10 Minute Excercise Routines

woman exercisingYou say you want that body just like that girl in the novela who always gets the hot guy. Well, now there are no excuses! Ken Hunt, owner of Steel Gym – one of the top five ranked gyms in the US! – has given us some quick and fun work out routines anyone can do practically anywhere. So whether it’s while you’re waiting for your dryer to stop, or you’re watching The Bachelor (let that hot guy motivate you!), or whether all you need is to turn on some Marc Anthony, Shakira, or La 33 and push aside your couch, start burning those calories, chica!

Alternating between a variety of different easy-to-do moves (30 seconds to 1 minute or more of each) to produce one intense, non-stop, workout will quickly get your heart rate up and will begin to burn calories, suggests Ken. Here are a few of moves you can use:

  • Jumping jacks – yes, jumping jacks; get in touch with that inner child that used to have to do these in gym class.
  • Jogging in place – lift your knees and pump your arms to get your heart rate up .
  • Plyometric lunges – begin in a basic lunge position and in an explosive movement, jump, switch legs in the air and land with bent knees into a lunge.
  • Ski hops – with feet together, jump from side to side, landing with knees bent. The wider you jump and the lower you squat into the jump, the harder you’ll work
  • Jump rope – again, just think about how young it can make you feel, and the calories you will burn!
  • Skipping – you might feel silly, but it’s much harder than you remember.
  • Step jumps – Stand in front of step or platform and jump onto it, landing with both feet (harder) or a staggered landing. Step down and repeat
  • Squat hops – Stand with feet wide. Lower into a squat and hop forward 4 times, keeping feet wide, legs bent into squat. Walk back and repeat.

My favorite one: turn up the volume and just dance around the house and feel free to pick up your fake mic and work out those vocal chords too! With a rocking body, and moves and a voice to match, you’ll feel ready for your next audition for American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

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    Thanks! I’m gonna do some of these today.

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