Public Speaking Fears Banished

Jan 18, 12 Public Speaking Fears Banished

Latinas like Sofia Vergara give the impression that all of us want to jump in front of a microphone and scream “Ecu me, I’m speakin, okaay!” but that’s far from the truth. Public speaking is considered the number one fear in the world. The thought of speaking in front of a large crowd is enough to get your palms all sweaty and heart racing faster as if Eduardo Verastegui is standing shirtless in front of you for you. I know, I know! Es solo un sueño!

This fear could play against you in the professional arena and as a savvy Latina you don’t want that to be an obstacle in 2012 so it’s time to invest $36 every 6 months to join Toastmasters.  It’s not a club for expert tostada makers, but an organization where people come together to hone their communication and leadership skills. There are clubs all around the world with anywhere between 20-40 people in each group.

Attend meetings where you participate in workshops to help you increase your confidence, become a better speaker and a better leader. By the way, men find all this very sexy in a woman. Toastmasters’ whole approach is very hands-on; you don’t just sit around getting lectured, you speak and receive constructive criticism. This fear must be conquered like the Conquistadores conquered Latin America, sin miedo, to climb the corporate ladder. Así que a tostarse.

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