PubCrawls So We Can Dance

May 02, 12 PubCrawls So We Can Dance

In 1862 on Cinco de Mayo, Mexico defeated against the invasion of French forces and gave us Latinas another reason to celebrate our strong heritage! Orale! Margaritas for everyone! Let, quickly locate the coolest venues honoring this holiday and any other day. It’s easy. Find your city, click and party!

You pay one price to enter the fiestas in your area or you can become a member for $95 to go to any of their swanky, sexy venues for one year!  This year’s Cinco de Mayo location at Miami is at Dream Hotel on South Beach.  Hijoles! Eso si va ser caliente.

You don’t have to be Mexican or Latina to enjoy this celebration. Grab your gringa friends, wear your sombrero proudly, sing La Cucaracha loudly and hold on to your tequila! No French wine tonight, Mija!

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