Protect Your High Heels

Jun 09, 10 Protect Your High Heels

I have a sinking feeling. I feeprotect your high heels l like I’m shrinking. What the…? I am sinking! Not only that, I’m now firmly stuck in the ground. The heels of my gorgeous new Manolos are a good inch below ground and covered in dirt. Aaargh, que rabia!

Why do people insist on having outdoor weddings anyway? It’s a surefire way to ruin all of your female guests’ shoes, and maybe even cause a sprained ankle or two. Not cool. With wedding season fast approaching and us short Latinas having to bust out our heels, you’ll be grateful for Sole Mates. They are “high heelers”, a little rubber contraption that fits snugly over the tip of your heel thus expanding its base. The result? Never sink into grass, cobblestones or sidewalk cracks again. They’re discreet so they won’t ruin your carefully put together look and they even have special discounts for brides and their guests!  The perfect solution for any bride who wants to avoid winding up on Veredicto Final accused of causing intentional footwear damage.”

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