Posture Pains

Nov 17, 11 Posture Pains

Still having trouble sitting up straight? Try as you might, you still can’t achieve correct posture and it’s causing you all sorts of muscle pain.  The problem may be that despite your best efforts to stop slouching, your muscles are too weak to support you. Why? Because of your inactive lifestyle, mija. Between work and the daily commute, we spend most of our time sitting down instead of getting some movements in the old muscles and joints. Experiencing stiff neck and shoulders is actually a great excuse to request a super-hot massage from your papi chulo, but as fun as that would be it’s only a temporary fix. In order to get rid of the pain permanently, you need to strengthen your upper body. Next time you’re in the gym make sure to work out with a cable machine or bands and do back rows, back flys, straight arm extensions and shoulder external rotations. If lower back pain is your demon, you need to train your core – abs, glutes, hips – with exercises like ab crunches, leg extensions, pelvic tilts and bridging. Of course, eliminating that pesky pain once and for all (and getting a rockin’ bod to boot) doesn’t mean you have to give up those massages, so get moving ‘cause this is a win-win all around.

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