Portable Mini Speakers

Sep 10, 10 Portable Mini Speakers

ChicBoom Keychain Speaker

You know how tacky you think it is when your cousin blasts reggaeton from a boom box with utter disregard for everyone around him? Sure, everyone wants to be a walking party but that’s not the way to do it. Chic and classy is the LaCosmopolatina way.

That’s why ChicBuds created the ChicBoom Keychain Speaker, a totally adorable and portable speaker that provides a broad, clear sound without being overly intrusive. The battery lasts up to four hours, and when it gives out simply plug into your computer to recharge. You can hook it up to your iPhone, iPod, DVD player or laptop. It’s so small it fits on the palm of your hand, and is easily attachable to your key ring so you can take the pachanga with you anywhere you go!”

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