Places To Discover: Ciudad Perdida

Jan 21, 10 Places To Discover: Ciudad Perdida

Are you up for an adventure? This one is for serious takers only. If you are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary vacation opportunity, then let me introduce you to Ciudad Perdida. The site of an ancient city built by the Tayrona natives of Colombia among the cloud forests of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, it lay undiscovered until 1972.

Located deep in the jungle, the only way to reach it is by trekking for 6 days up a series of stone steps and sleeping in hamacas. You spend 3 days going up, 1 day at the top, and 2 days coming down. The total hike is 52 km and is moderately difficult. You could always opt for an expensive helicopter ride, but getting there is half the fun, right?  Now, many of you will balk inmediatamente at the thought of traveling to Colombia because of safety concerns. Fortunately, security is no longer the issue it once was used to be in this South American country, and this the area has been deemed safe for turistas. So put your fear aside and hurry to discover this magical place for yourself. For more info visit

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